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Carl Hörberg

Carl Hörberg founded 84codes based on a conviction of employee freedom, and a strong belief in the future of messaging queues and microservices in the cloud.  84codes help bridge communications between microservices through cloud solutions. The company provides a handful of different SaaS (Software as a Service) products. In 2020, 84codes was ranked as one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies by the Financial Times and has recently been nominated for SaaS Company of the Year by the online magazine Breakit. The company was founded in 2012 and today has 30 employees who all have the freedom to choose a place in…

Mattias Olsson

Mattias Olsson is a Partner at ARC Arise Consulting with over 20 years of experience in consulting in marketing, strategic design and tech development. He has worked across a multitude of industries, helping both startups and Fortune 500 companies. Mattias brings a vast experience of qualitative and quantitative research methods and a broad understanding of the digital landscape and emerging technologies. If you don’t meet Mattias working on complex problems with clients, you would most likely find him in the Swedish mountain range far away from cellphone coverage.

Anna Ljungdahl

Annas work experience includes almost 20 years in managerial roles within the banking and retail industries. She started at SEB Ventures as Investment Manager in 2003, joined New Wave Group as Head of business Development in 2007, returning to SEB for a COO position at SEB Investment Strategy in 2011. In 2014, Anna moved to New York for a Senior Advisory role at Swedish and American start-ups before joining H&M as Head of North America logistic controlling. Prior to Industrifonden, Anna served as Head of Business Development at SEB Corporate Markets in Sweden.  Anna holds a Master of Finance from…

Sofia Leffler Moberg

Sofia Leffler Moberg is an experienced corporate sustainability visionary and intrapreneur. She brings an overall industry perspective on corporate sustainability, thanks to leading positions and roles within FMCG, financial services, telecoms, industrials, energy, logistics and infrastructure. Until 2022, she was Group Head of Sustainable Transformation at Post Nord.  Her professional experience ranges from global corporations to smaller companies and local contexts, and from working with board members and executives as well as being involved in day-to-day business operations.  She specializes in change management, sustainable business transformation, communication, sustainability, CSR, sustainability due diligence, climate change, energy systems, renewable energy, human rights,…

Jonas Eriksson

Jonas has solid experience in media company management, in business and publicity development. Former CEO of TT News Agency and deputy CEO of TV4’s parent company Bonnier Broadcasting and Entertainment, with a seat on the boards of SF Studios and other subsidiaries. Jonas has also been CEO of Bonnier Tidskrifter and group director at Canal Plus. He is now chair of the board for Mag Interactive, a Swedish mobile game developer, and for the Pepins crowd funding company. 

Johnny Gunnarsson

Johnny is an experienced investor and advisor, now active in A-Talent, which is a corporate group that specializes in skills provision. He has long experience of building up companies in skills provision and recruitment, scaling up employee-intensive businesses with a mix of organic growth and targeted acquisition, and has a great focus on people as a success factor. Johnny has experience from his roles as CEO and partner with the emphasis on corporate management and ownership issues in growth companies. He now works primarily as a board member, advisor, and part-owner of companies in the A-talent group, in which A-Staffing, A-Search,…

Scott Sambucci

Scott Sambucci helps start-ups to grow their sales faster and to build a repeatable, scalable sales process. He brings 25 years’ experience of enterprise sales, marketing and product management from start-ups and from publicly traded companies. His industry experience includes banking and financial markets, hedge and private equity funds, higher education, enterprise software and big data. Scott is a three-time Ironman, ultra-runner and marathon swimmer from San Francisco, California.   He advises start-ups in sales management enterprise/b2b, pricing strategy, new product development and strategic management.  

Michael Schultz

  • Brand development
I have worked with advertising and communication since 1989 and for years, the word Copywriter was on my business cards. Over time, I have moved sideways and now focus more with brand development and marketing issues in a broader sense. In the mid-1990s, some colleagues and I founded GOSS, one of Sweden’s most internationally award-winning advertising agencies. Our clients included everything from small local bicycle shops and wallpaper companies, to global ski manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. Since I started in the industry, its conditions and ways of reaching the audience have undergone a complete metamorphosis. But even if we now use…

Gunnar Hjalt

  • Senior counsel at Bird & Bird
Gunnar Hjalt is senior counsel at Bird & Bird law firm in Stockholm. He specializes in intellectual property and has more than 25 years’ experience of working as an advisor and attorney in this field, which encompasses trademarks, product designs, patents and copyright. He represents small and large clients in various business sectors, both in Sweden and internationally.

Victoria Kopylov 

  • CCO at PocketLaw
Victoria Kopylov is a trained lawyer and entrepreneur who focuses on changing traditional mindsets in industries such as music, healthcare and legal services. She is an experienced M&A lawyer, general counsel and commercial officer, with a background in work with major international transactions and tech startups. Victoria is an expert in global regulatory aspects for multi-jurisdiction companies and global incentive schemes for growth companies. Her experience covers the expansion of software-based products and services through both B2B and B2C sales channels and in phases, from startup to scaleup to mature companies preparing for exit.

Mia Forsgren

  • Head of communication at Diös
Mia Forsgren is an entrepreneur with extensive international experience. She was a part of the digitalization of the music industry, as one of the real agents of change in a senior role at Universal Music. Mia has more than 25 years of experience in marketing, communication, media, branding and sales. She is currently head of communication at Diös, one of the largest real estate companies in Sweden. Mia is based in Åre and an avid skier and outdoor enthusiast.

Kerstin Cooley

  • Managing Partner Brightly Ventures
Kerstin Cooley is managing partner of Brightly Ventures, an early-stage Nordic venture firm based in Stockholm. With an extensive background in the financial/IT industry, Kerstin brings a broad range of experience to the table. This ranges from working for Silicon Valley-based startups and co-founding a global communications agency, to managing M&A transactions and hedge fund investments.

Hans Victor

  • Business angel Vic Tor AB
Hans Victor is a co-founder and partner in Victor & Victor. He is currently CEO of Marsblade, a successful sports tech company that specializes in ice/roller hockey. His background is in investment and entrepreneurship, with many successful e-commerce ventures such as IEC Sports, First Vet and Vetzoo.

Ulrika Viklund

  • CEO Spira Globalt
Ulrika Viklund’s background is in digital services and international marketing, including as Director for International Growth at Spotify. Ulrika is also a co-founder of House Be, a network of coworking spaces in the north of Sweden and a co-founder of E14 Invest. She was formerly CEO of the Plejmo pay-per-view movie service and is now on the board of E14 Invest, Stillfront Group, GodEl and Wide Ideas.

Maria Horelli-Rosenlew

  • Founder Rosebud Ventures
Maria Horelli-Rosenlew is an entrepreneurial leader with robust international experience of fast-moving tech companies, both ventures and enterprises, such as Microsoft, Projectplace, Sitoo, Twigeo and Abicart. She combines solid business development skills with her ability to define and focus on the core business. Her specializations include scalable sales and marketing tactics, growth opportunity priorities and customer success.


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