Accelerator Åre


  • Workshops with leading experts
  • Events and activities showcasing the Åre valley lifestyle
  • Bespoke mentoring program
  • Introductions to investors, founders and partner organizations

Our program is tailored for the challenges specific to your growth journey. Located in the Åre valley, our ecosystem contains local and international expertise and investors who are ready to support you on your path to a global market.

PEAK Accelerator is for startups in every area, but those that are naturally strong in our region include innovation in the fields of renewable energy and sustainability, climate neutrality, health and active lifestyles


The PEAK Accelerator program consists of four specialized workshops and a bespoke mentoring program that features up to six sessions with one or more of our experienced mentors. The program starts in October and ends in March in conjunction with the Åre Business Forum.

The workshops are held in Åre, with invited experts and keynote speakers who share their knowledge and insights about the best solutions for the challenges of expanding into new markets and growing your company. All these events offer space for informal meetings and discussions, as well as activities that showcase the unique environment and lifestyle of the Åre valley.

The workshops cover themes relevant to the scaling journey

  • Focus on international expansion and selecting new markets
  • Professional sales and building a sales team
  • Partnering with large corporations for sales/product development/funding
  • Funding and raising capital for scaling up

Program dates

  • October 9, 12.00 – October 10, 11.30 
  • November 27, 12.00 – November 28, 11.30
  • January 29, 09.00 – January 30, 11.30
  • March in conjunction with the Åre Business Forum
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