Accelerator Åre


Our program is tailored for the challenges specific to your growth journey. Located in the Åre valley, our ecosystem contains local and international expertise and investors who are ready to support you on your path to a global market.

PEAK Accelerator is for startups in every area, but those that are naturally strong in our region include innovation in the fields of renewable energy, climate action, the future of mobility,  smart cities and active lifestyles.


The program starts in September and concludes in December.

In September, accepted companies are individually interviewed by the PEAK Accelerator team. We review your growth plan and your challenges, identifying issues you will work on during the program. Based on this jointly developed planning, we match you with relevant mentors and partner businesses.

The program includes meetings in Åre and several digital workshops and meetings. In our digital investor meetings, selected companies present themselves to a panel of financiers. 


In our workshops, we work in small groups and focus on your challenges. We also invite keynote speakers to share their knowledge and experience. Participating companies are offered networks and access to expertise in areas such as internationalization, marketing, branding, sales, corporate management for growth, and capital acquisition and financing solutions, including international payments.   

We also offer cooperation with our partner businesses, which will be on site for meetings with relevant companies at specific times.   

The mentor program is tailored to your wishes and includes meetings with one or more of our experienced mentors.  

Åre Business Arena

The Åre valley
Live your life with passion

Åre is a vibrant mountain village with a rich history, where you can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities, such as world-class alpine skiing, ski touring, hiking, fishing and biking, as well as hospitable restaurants, bars and coffee shops.

Two thousand people call Åre home all year round, and the village is growing as more entrepreneurs, free spirits, artists and professionals choose to locate their homes and hearts in the Åre valley.

During the winter season, around 50,000 visitors from all over the world come to Åre to experience its unique environment. Alpine world cups are held here every winter and, so far, the village has hosted three alpine skiing world championships.

Åre has developed a unique sense of entrepreneurship, cooperation and business: making the most of every opportunity and creating something new from what you’re offered. Surviving year-round, being open to the outside world, taking pride in success and daring to aim higher is the ethos of the village. New and expectant entrepreneurs move here for the lifestyle and an office with a view of the mountains.

In 2019, Åre was named Sweden’s best municipality for new businesses for the second time.

Åre is 620 km northwest of Stockholm. The closest city is Östersund, 100 km east of Åre. Trains from Stockholm and Östersund stop right in the heart of the village. Norway is just 50 km to the west and a journey of 150 km takes you to Trondheim, where there is an international airport. Trondheim is also home to Norway’s biggest university of technology.

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