PEAK Scaleup 2022/23


Vinden – digitalized self-storage combining professional warehousing with last-mile transportation. By providing a digital platform that focuses on user experience, we have removed the friction from what was previously known to be a tedious process. As a result, we are changing the way we use space in our ever-growing cities. Founded: 2017CEO: Sebastian WibergRead more …

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Sunna Group

Sunna Group – develops and owns large-scale solar power facilities, and aims to increase the amount of solar in the energy system. We do this by being responsive, knowledgeable, and thinking long-term. Together with long-term capital partners, Sunna Group will be a sustainable player in the Swedish energy market. We offer companies and municipalities access …

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Smartergy – provides electricity-intensive customers with power supplied from local combined energy stores (from 6 kWh and up) with power capacity (from 0.1 MW and up). Energy storage is predicted and optimized with AI. Founded: 2007CEO: Niclas JarhällRead more at:  


MYO – Make Your Own is a new concept that takes traditional DIY and handicrafts to a new level. MYO make it easier, for beginners to enter the world of creating. With focus on design, sustainable materials and high-quality video instructions, MYO provides the opportunity for anyone and everyone to make their own products in …

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Media research

MediaResearch – marketing data from multiple channels: offline, online, video, and television. Customers can use the MediaResearch interface to access and obtain an almost real time check on their own and their competitors’ campaigns and answer questions such as: Who?, What?, and What impact?  Founded: 2004CEO: Pär SegerströmRead more at:  


Labelf – a no-code AI platform that helps create AI text classification models quickly and easily. No coding or data science skills are necessary for you to build and use your own model. Labelf wants to make anyone an AI hero! Through integrations with the Zendesk customer support tool and with Zapier, Labelf can easily …

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Kollin – a platform that provides intensive pre-examination courses for students in higher education. Their current focus is on courses in mathematics and engineering programs.  Founded: 2015Read more at:


HeartBalance – a health technology company that provides a preventive health management system to improve health and wellbeing. The HeartBalance technology visualizes our individual health status and delivers personalized interventions for long-term health. This allows HeartBalance to aid in the detection of mental and physical health conditions such as burnout, depression or sleeping disorders and …

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Gidås – consultancy services, training and education, communication, analysis and strategic advice on environmental and sustainability issues, as well as affiliated services. Founded: 2016CEO: Georg ErikssonRead more at:

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