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Ar fuctional

Ár functional/Åre water manufacturing and selling, among other things, functional drinks made from mineral water from Åre Källa. We are Climate Neutral and send our products fossil-free by train from Jämtland and are now launching as News in Sweden. Founded: 2011CEO: Anette FrimanRead more at:


Vinden digitalize Self-storage by combining professional warehousing with lase mile transports. By providing a digital platform with the user experience in focus we removed friction from a historically tedious process. As a result, we are changing the way we use space in our ever-growing cities. Founded: 2017CEO: Carl WibergRead more at:

Sunna Group

Sunna Group develops and owns large-scale solar power to increase the amount of solar in the energy system. We do this by being responsive, knowledgeable, and long-term. Together with long-term capital partners, Sunna Group will be a sustainable player in the Swedish energy market. We offer companies and municipalities access to larger amounts of green, …

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Smartergy  will provide power delivery from our local mixed energy warehouses (from 6 kWh and up) with power capacity (from 0.1 MW and up) to electricity-intensive customers. Energy storage is predicted with AI. Founded: 2020CEO: Niclas JarhällRead more at:  


Make Your Own  is a new concept that’s taking the traditional DIY & “Hand made” to a new level by making it simple for the beginners to enter the world of creating. With a lot of focus in design, sustainable materials and high quality video instructions, MYO makes it easy for anyone and everyone to …

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Mindforce Game Lab

Mindforce Game Lab develop Digital Therapeutics (DTx), in the form of games, intended to support people on their journey to better health. The products are developed by bringing together scientists, game developers, patients, and health care providers to co-create the games based on the stakeholder needs. Our first game “Fig: A Playtient Journey” is intended …

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Media research

Media research serving customers with marketing data from multiple channels. Offline, online, video, tv. Through our UI our customers can access and get almost a real time check about own and competitors running campaigns. Who? What? Impact? Founded: 2004CEO: Pär SegerströmRead more at:  


Labelf have built a no code AI platform for creating AI text classification models quickly and easily. You don’t need any coding or data science skills to build your own model and put it to use. We want to make anyone an AI hero! We have integrations with customer support tool Zendesk and with Zapier …

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HeartBalance is a health technology company with a preventive health management system that improves people’s health and wellbeing. The HeartBalance technology makes the individual health status visible and delivers personalised interventions to stay healthy in the long term. By doing so HeartBalance accelerates the detection of mental and physical health conditions such as burnout, depression …

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